Bruno Fereira
“The biggest insight for me really has been just the different amount of ways that you can raise finance, I hadn’t realise there were so many different options to explore. "
Andrew Morris
“Very intensive, very informative, very very hand-on 4 days, really enlightening. I’ve been very surprised, very excited by the various different methods of property investment, specifically involving no money down, it’s really just limited by people’s creativity and initiative."
Cameron Leslie
“Some of the strategies have been really eye-opening for me, I feel like I’ve now got that sort of knowledge and confidence to be able to go out and implement the strategies that they’ve given me."
Chantelle Moran
“The people I’ve met while I’ve been on it, it’s amazing. The sheer spread of experience, knowledge, expertise of the people who come on this program. The volume and quality of the information we picked when we’ve been here, the different ways of raising finance with property, all the different strategies to work with property."
Craig Logan
“Learned lots of exciting things that I’d like to put forward in my business going forward in terms of raising finance, finding deals, what I would have expected. But the biggest thing, I think, has been working with the other proteges on the course."
Daniel Stanbury
“I think if we implement that stuff that they’ve taught us here in that room then it could actually change our lives, you know. The material that they’ve taught is a eye-opening so I’m looking forward to going out there and implementing it."
Jason Finlay
“I really enjoyed the program, it’s intense, there’s a lot to learn, a lot to pick up but I think it’s a lot for people to get out of it., understand more around finance and it’s not just basic properties, there’s lots of different deals out there."
Karl Crook
“I’ve worked with some really great people while being here, I can’t tell you how much information I’ve actually learned over the last couple of days, it’s been great education, it’s been great experience and I’d highly recommend it to anybody."
Scott Lyon
“The biggest thing for me was the mindset stuff that Billy Farrell taught and Sean McIntyre as well, and the biggest thing for me was that the investor is not the golden goose, the people with the money are not the golden goose, it’s you who’s got the knowledge about it and spend that money who is the golden goose."
Steve Higgins
“I really enjoyed it, there were some fantastic take-aways from the four days. The biggest for me was just understanding the different strategies that there were, there’s lots of different ways that you can make money in property, I thought it was all about buy to let, but there are lots of different ways you can make money in property."
Teresa Spedding
“I’ve had the most amazing insights here, I’ve learned all about deal sourcing, how to find investors, how to raise finance, they truly give you a completely holistic approach to actually starting your own fully fledged property business."
Tom Dixon
“What an insightful event it’s been. Everything from the people I’ve met on the course, the networking opportunities, and obviously the content. It really made me realise that this is where I want to be and the direction I want to go in."
Alasdair Crook
“My mind is just completely blown. The level that these guys are operating at is just frightening. There’s a level of knowledge there that I could just never fathom."
Ben Wain
“The focus that we’ve received from the course, the whole event itself has just been absolutely fascinating. I’d recommend it to anybody."
Carlo Milo
“For me it’s been great in terms of having an understanding of property and then also having an understanding of how to use different aspects of tax and things like cash-flow."
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