How Your Mind Will Take You Out Of The Game

How Your Mind Will Take You Out Of The Game

When starting in any journey, especially property if you can’t control your mind you won’t get far.

For me, one of the key foundations of being successful in property is having the right mindset, it is a common misconception that we are our own mind but the truth is, it is a completely separate entity altogether and we are in a constant state of battle for control. Maintaining a strong mindset is hard work and you have to be willing to fight your mind when doubt starts to creep in.

The more your stretch your comfort zone, the bigger your business will grow.

It’s a basic human instinct to enter Fight or Flight mode when faced with a challenge, fight mode being that you face the challenge and deal with it. Flight being that you remove yourself from the situation. Now changing that mindset to do the things you need to do in spite of the fear and doubt that you might feel doesn’t happen overnight and why put off what you can start today by waiting till tomorrow? The best way to improve your mindset is facing small daily challenges and the best way to encounter these challenges is to step out of your comfort zone. The more that you do this, the more you will start to gain control over your mind because you are now proving you can deal with the challenges. This can be reflected upon, perhaps in the past you shied away from a deal that worked because you allowed your mind to plant the seed of doubt and your mind inevitably won. However overcoming these challenges allows you to look at the deal, see the numbers work and go for it, remember, If a deal is a deal, then DO THE DEAL!

Where can you start?

As mentioned above daily comfort stretches will improve your mindset but the biggest impact for me personally was finding a credible mentor who at the end of the day experienced all the same challenges and yet is now having success on a daily basis, someone that could support me and show me the path of least resistance. The journey does not need to be travelled by yourself and approaching someone and asking for that guidance could be exactly what you need, in fact making that approach could be the first step towards stretching your comfort zone.

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