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When starting in any journey, especially property if you can’t control your mind you won’t get far.
What is needed when approaching refurbs? I’ll break it down for you, there are many factors that you need to consider. From outsourcing qualified professionals to expecting the unexpected…
We live in a world of distraction, and if you choose to learn everything, you'll likely become a master of nothing. You need laser focus to succeed in Property. Most folk are content to live as generalists rather than specialists, and the blessing of having multiple options available to us, becomes a curse in the form of shiny object syndrome.
Often, I’m asked if it’s truly possible to replace your income through Property inside 90-days, due to the statement being one we use regularly on social media. It’s natural to wonder, after all...
Allow me to begin by saying, I’ve never worked a day offshore in my life. So, who am I to talk about the subject? What authority do I have? Why am I looking for offshore workers who want to replace their full-time income and more through property?
Chatting yesterday, I made the comment that "Starting in property with NO money is actually an advantage." I got a few funny looks and had to elaborate. I'll share here too, as it may be a BIG help to some of you.
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Property Protege

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