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Paul McFadden is a renowned and respected high performance, property, and business success coach. As a successful entrepreneur and authority on wealth creation, Paul’s ongoing mission and commitment is in supporting others in developing their own wealth through property and business.

After a difficult start in life, growing up in a single parent household with little to no financial resources, Paul discovered that a lack of resources, was less important than an attitude of resourcefulness, coupled with a strong mindset of possibility and good old hard work.

From a standing start, with no funds, no experience, and no track record, Paul built a multi-million pound property portfolio, bought and flipped millions of pounds worth of property, and has packaged over £250 million worth of property investments, as well as being responsible for helping countless others, including many prominent and well known people in the property industry, become full time property investors.

Whether through Paul’s free resources online, or by helping you transform your fortunes in property and business through coaching, training or mentoring, Paul hopes to help you live a full expression of yourself, and discover your own power and capabilities.


Paul is a fantastic entrepreneur. I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on a marketing level for many years and his enthusiasm to get the job done is incredible. Paul is also a huge visionary of gaps in his field of property, and any student he teaches can only benefit and excel from his foresight. An all round good lad with an energy and passion for success that I've witnessed in very few people. Paul comes with my highest recommendation. Michael Devlin

I've known Paul for many years now and his grasp of the property market is remarkable for someone of his age, or indeed any age. The person who understands the market from all angles, buyer/seller/economic/political/finance/rental is a rare animal indeed.

Davy Hutton

Paul is someone I got to know over the last few years. We are both involved in property in the UK and also networking. I recently worked with Paul and his business partner Billy on a podcast. It was a great experience and lots of fun to do. Paul is bringing property education into peoples homes in a very simple and fun way via podcasts. I am also seeing how involved he is in face to face education to help people get ahead. 

Juswant Rai

Paul McFadden is a credible, driven, and successful property investor and trainer. Working with Paul over the past few years has shown me how far Paul is willing to go to deliver for his clients, mentees, staff and partners. Paul is an extraordinary deal maker and is always ahead of the curve in property. Anyone interested in becoming a full time investor or in property in general, contact Paul.

Stephen McKenna

I met Paul in 2009 and we worked together with a number of property investors, helping them build their Buy to Let portfolios quickly. Paul is a driven entrepreneur who is very much focused on results. He has a great understanding of marketing, lead generation, property, personal development and is a great mentor to his clients and co-workers. His energy & passion are limitless.

Rory O-Mara

Paul is the go to guy for all things property investing related. I highly recomend to anyone who wants to get involved in property but doesnt know where to start or even experienced investors who want to 10x their business. Paul can see oppertunities where most of us dont even think to look. He is a great mentor and has been instrumental in my own success.

David McGuire

Paul is someone whom I've desired to work with/under for a number of years. A very professional, respectful and knowledgeable man at the top of his field. I first met Paul when he was in the process of building his extremely successful direct sales company. Here I saw his determination, work ethic and hunger to help others succeed.

Cheryl Gallagher

If you are interested in a career in Property, Paul and his team will get you on the right track fast. They have vast experience, and I doubt there is any aspect of the property game that they couldn't advise you on. All in all, a very worthwhile course.

Max Withington

Paul is a master at his craft, his knowledge in property is second to none. He has helped and taught me so much about property, buy to let, buy to flip, and sourcing property deals. He fantastic mentor and always gives his honest opinion. He is always at the other end of the phone for a chat and to give advice. In property there are no better mentors than Paul and the team at Alg.

Laura Noble

I recently received mentorship from Paul on a Property Protege event and must say that his passion and enthusiasm really fired me up. Paul’s property knowledge is second to none and the insights and knowledge I have gained through Paul’s event has set me on a very focused and ambitious journey.

James Duguid

Paul is a true property guru. His knowledge in property is quite astonishing. I like how passionate he is about teaching and training others. He does an amazing job at the Property Protégé and has established himself as a UK wide leading property expert. His mentorship programme is very well structured and provides incredible support to those who want to success in property.

Tamara Russell

I have known Paul for a long time through many business ventures and I am delighted to be doing business with him to this day. When it comes to property investments Paul knows his stuff. He has helped me structure deals in a way that have really helped me on my property journey. Paul is a man you want to be around if you want to go far, his passion and drive for success in business and in life is contagious and very inspiring.

Dylan Stewart

One of the greatest values in life, is having both the ability & desire to make a difference to others – which Paul has in abundance!

Iain Gordon Kelly

Paul is a great speaker and mentor. His energy and enthusiasm lights the room. What struck me most about him is his ability to always find a way around a problem and to persevere no matter what. He has helped learn a great deal about relationship and time management and look forward to spending more time learning from him in the future. Get chatting to Paul straight away!

Edoardo Anson

Paul knows everything there is to know in property and more so if anyone is thinking about getting involved in property sign up for alg property protege course and get mentored by the best

Oliver Grant

Intensive 4 day course provided by Paul McFadden. Great course content for budding property investors / developers provided by Paul and his team. Paul's presentations were punchy and very informative, mixed with elements of fun and lots of stories and circumstances that I could relate to. Great course and a great team of genuine people that want to help you achieve your potential in property!

Del Bowes

Spent 4 days with Billy, Paul and the team at their 4 Day property protege event in Glasgow. Was a fantastic course, well structured and delivered extremely well. Would highly recommend both the guys, their course and their wider team. If I had to describe the experience in one word, said word would be “inspirational” Well done guys. Thank you.

Eddie Rooney

Paul's extensive knowledge and experience really comes across on the Protege course, and the amount you can learn from him in a few days is amazing. He really gets you to think in a more creative way to find solutions and maximise outcomes, which allows you to see possibilities differently and open up unlimited opportunities. The Protege course is essential if you want to learn how to get the most out of property and I definitely recommend working with Paul if you want to progress.

Louise Sharpe

Where do I start?! I had the absolute pleasure to be in Paul's company for 4 days, listening and learning to so many new things, around all aspects of property. His ease of delivery and self deprecating style had me hanging on his every word. Not by chance, Paul has a brilliant team around him, each complimenting the other. The effect is electric. I have been on many courses and listened to many speakers in my lifetime. None have matched Paul. 

Eddie Tribe

Was recently on the alg property protege the information I received was 2nd to none would highly recommend anyone interested in a career in property to get in touch with these guys . It will change your life . I know it’s going to change mine .

Andrew Rae

Paul is exceptionally knowledgable in his field of expertise and the wider business sense also. He is exceptionally talented and an absolute inspiration in business and property. I unreservedly recommend reaching out to him and learning from him.

Ian Muldowney

He recently stated that really he's “not that clever”!? I disagree! Absolutely unbelievable. Mind blowing knowledge and experience. The recently attended Property Protege event has had such a massive impact on mind shift with me in terms of possibilities in the property world, and life in general. Around 6 months ago I just wanted to buy another few properties to add to my portfolio, but now, I want to become the next President of the United States. Awesome guy. Awesome business. Awesome possibilities. 

Laurie Duncan

In short, ALG protégé & platinum have changed my life! I'm working towards some massive goals in property with Paul's fantastic advice and his knowledge is exceptional when it comes to all things in property. Highly recommend working with him.

Lisa Smith

I've worked with Paul for a while now and when it comes to business, and in particular property related business, Paul's knowledge, experience and advice is second to none. Whatever stage you are at in your property journey, if you are looking to accelerate your business growth, Paul is the man you must consult – he will show you the path of least resistence. I highly recommended Paul.

Leslie Ntoni

I highly recommend learning from Paul . His knowledge of “the game” is endless. His teachings on strategies and wats to raire finance are totally eye opening. I learnes so much in the three day jumpstart to protege and cannot wait to continue working with Paul and the rest of the team for the next 12months. Thank you Paul

Scott Ferrie

Paul gives you loads of insights, his experience of investing and most importantly the tools and drive to get the work done. You feel supercharged once you have heard him speak.

Chris Hammond

Recently completed Protege with Paul and Billy. Both fantastic guys. Tell it like it is and have a genuine passion for helping people! 
Paul has so much property knowledge, which he is able to share in a way which makes it easy to understand. He is passionate in his delivery of the high quality content provided on the course. Literally have had his years of experience within the industry condensed and explained so I can implement it. Couldn't recommend working with Paul enough!

Carol Watson

A refreshing and positive outlook and example of how to be in business. There's nothing about property this man doesn't know. His team and experiance are second to none.

Jay Turner

Paul is a great strategist when it comes to property and getting a return on investments. There is no doubt that he's been there and done it and his ability to impart his knowledge to help others is a great asset.

Alistair Mcleod

Having just completed the Property Protege course I have to say its been by far the best thing I've done for myself in business. Being in the construction industry for 20+ years I can now bring all that knowledge into my property business and give it the structure it needs to now make money at from the end of the property deals rather than just being the contractor all the time. I couldn't recommend Paul with all his knowledge of the property industry, highly enough.

Nick Guit

Recently had the privilege to work with Paul McFadden. He was generous with his time, his knowledge and his experience and was willing to share all that with me and others. I believe he has a genuine desire to help others succeed and I intend to be one of those people

Graham Waddell

Protege has opened my eye's to whats available in property and the multiple ways to structure a business. The course is well structured, through education but also role play of the content to bounce of like-minded people at different levels of experience in property. Definitely a course that I'd recommend to people interested in exploring different options in property, wither they be starting out or already in property.

Barry Thomas McAllister

Fantastic teacher. Really knows what he's talking about

John Hamilton

Property protege course with Paul is absolutely fantastic. Paul is an excellent speaker and very knowledgable. Course is well structured and perfect mix of knowledge and practicable experience. Highly recommended.

Ross Wilson

I'm proud to say that Paul is my Mentor. His backstory is inspirational, his style simple and effective, but the content that he shares is dynamite. As a motivator, I've met few people who even come close. If you're reading this, and have a passion for taking your property game to the next level, then don't think twice: engage with Paul. Paul has my sincerest, deepest gratitude for the help he has shared so far … and I look forward to leaning into him for advice through the course of the next 12 months.

Colin Young

Paul’s Property Protege event was as intense as it was immense, with so many ‘lightbulb’ moments. Highly highly recommended!

Al Jackson

I attended the Property Protege Kickstarter event and was blown away. Paul is clearly an expert in property, he is very inspirational and passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

Zenobia Robertson

I knew of Paul and Billy Farrell quite some time ago and followed them through their journey and when an opportunity arose for me to improve my skills I jumped at the chance and joined Protege and immediately signed up for Platinum. In a short space of time I have had my eyes wide open to the potential in property that I had not seen before. The best thing about this journey for me is the support from Paul, the total empathy, understanding and absolute knowledge of the industry. 

Trisha Stewart

Paul has really propelled my property investment journey, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Paul is a supportive mentor, always willing to help and advise. I can't thank him enough.

Nichola Huey

Paul’s passion for property and his wealth of knowledge is so inspirational, this will undoubtedly rub off on you too. If you are sitting on the fence about how to get your property business the jump start it needs, then book yourself on the four day Protege course with Paul, Billy and Stephen. We also have the 12 month mentoring programme too, which is a must for all property investors. Roll on the next 11 months, such exciting times all thanks to Paul, Stephen, Billy, Sean & Elizabeth.

William McBey

Paul is an expert in Property and problem solving business issues. He has built a wealth of knowledge from a young age, which today holds him in high regard. Through his education and mentorship programmes he shares his knowledge to help others on all aspects of their property business thus accelerating success and growth. Paul is very personable, articulate and a passionate communicator who I look forward to working with.

Zillay Sheikh

Paul's in-depth knowledge on property and how he educates his students in the classroom enables him to get 100% out of his students and them him, the way he captivates his students and encourages them to do more is amazing, I should know, I was one of them.

David Orr

I recently attended the Property Protege four day intensive hosted by Paul and his partners. The course was packed with quality relevant content, Paul knows the property business inside out and nothing was left out. I'd recommend the course and paul to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in property.

Mark Donlon

During the whole course, Paul showed very relaxed and focused approach that quickly transformed the auditorium into a knowledge hungry bunch of like minded friends. It was interesting to see his behaviour and response in role playing situations and during Q&A sessions. His negotiation skills quickly converts him from a salesman to a problem-solver. I enjoyed every second of it and looking forward to future involvements.

Stefan Slavovski

Having invested in property before, we thought we knew a lot of the strategies that were possible, but Paul really opened our eyes to strategies we had never heard of before, it really is great to be mentored by someone who has already walked the path! I cannot recommend Protege enough to those who are looking to get into property or for those who already are, Protege really is a class event.

Olivia Conlon

Paul McFadden has to be one of the most focused, driven and hardworking individuals I know. His steely determination to continually better himself has transpired to unbelievable success on both personal and business levels. He has been one of the key players responsible for the meteoric rise of property, land, investments, wealth, and business services company, Ashton Lloyd Global. After achieving the heights of success, Paul developed Property Protégé which I attended in January 2017. 

Kevin Kilroy

Having sat under the personal mentorship and training with Paul McFadden during one of their many very popular sought after Property Jump Start programs in 2016, his consistent powerful delivered of content , done with such confidence in stature and assurance , added value to the endless nuggets sheer Gold.

Esther Clare

I first came across Paul through the This Week in Property podcast and was totally inspired by his energy, his knowledge of property his desire to share and help others grow, and his straight talking. It took no persuading for me to sign up to Property Protege and it was a real privilege to spend four days in Glasgow and hear him first hand sharing really powerful learnings and insights that I am now putting in to action. An inspiring business leader.

Richard Coles

Paul will show you the correct path through the maze of the business and how to avoid it's dead ends or, to use another analogy, he will enable you to climb the ladders of the industry so that you can reach the top whilst expertly avoiding the setbacks that the snakes of the business can put in your way.

Paul Turner

I have known Paul as a friend and business partner for 7 years and would have no hesitation in recommending him. He is one of the most driven entrepreneurs I have known and with his honest and open personality he can assist you on your property journey.

Barry McEwan

Paul has a mountain of experience which comes through in his great teaching style. He has the drive to take the property market to the next level and mentor individuals like myself along the way, teaching though his vast knowledge.

Ross Davison

Paul is a driven, focused and successful entrepreneur. His attention to detail is second to none. He listens, advises and comes up with specific solutions to your challenges. He has an ability to fast track you in your property journey so that you don't make the costly mistakes that others make. Paul is a delight to work with.

Andrew Chalmers

Paul is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to property and business. He is someone that has helped me immensely, always giving an honest opinion but a clear perspective on ideas based on his experience from the many deals he has done. He has clear focus and drive whilst helping people to succeed. He is able to assist in many deals with his expertise and large network. A great person to work with.

Ian Green

Paul is a person of high integrity, a great communicator, a true service provider and one of life's well liked charasimatic business leaders. I have worked with Paul on a few ventures and find his work ethic and discipline to be of a very high standard. The other aspect of his work is that he is meticulous in his strategy and planning which has led to his well documented success. He is without doubt a future success leader and I look forward to helping him on his journey.

Bert Jukes

I recently started the Protege mentorship programme and have been on the 3 day training event. Paul, Billy and Stephen are passionate about property and business and this really comes across in their training. I would highly recommend their training events to anyone who is looking for education on building a property business, investment strategies, lead generation and much, much more.

Robin Downey

Paul is a professional. He is clearly a focussed and driven entrepreneur. He is a pleasure to work with and has a desire to help others. Paul is obviously very knowledgeable in his field and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to be working with Paul.

Ian MacQueen

Paul was very clear and helped me understand the steps needed to start and succeed in my property journey

Alexander Summers

I attended a two day training event that Paul ran and it was excellent. Extremely well organised and presented with a great variation of knowledgeable and expert speakers. Would highly recommend attending one of his courses.

Scott McMillan

Paul is a very focused individual very professional and reliable, an individual with massive goals and a plan to achieve them. Always a pleasure and inspiration to meet with.

John Stephen

aul explains things in a manner that a complete novice or a seasoned professional can use and repeat. Just 10 minutes with Paul was enough for me to realise how lucky I was to meet someone so ethical and knowledgable. Whenever I have any question I know Paul McFadden is the man who will have the answer. If you want to learn then learn from the best!!

Sukhdev Mall

Paul has helped me on my property journey tremendously. The property Protege Mentorship has been invaluable and continues to be for me. The advise, accountability and network is like no other in the industry. Paul and the ALG teams willingness to go the extra mile is unbelievable.

Caryn Simpson

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Paul over 6 years ago and i was immediately impressed with Paul's passion for property and overall enthusiasm for life. With an extensive and ever expanding knowledge of the property market from a variety of varying angles, I can highly recommend Paul's experience for all property related business matters. A very inspirational individual.

Stuart Wylie

I have achieved more in my property journey in the 4 weeks following his 3-day Protégé course, than in the whole preceding year. Paul’s enthusiasm for the property game and his passion for sharing his wealth of knowledge with his mentees is inspirational. With his help, I now have a clearly defined strategy, the right mind-set, and the absolute certainty that I will not just achieve but surpass my property business goals. Thank you to Paul, Billy and the rest of the ALG team for your continuing support. 

Jane Buchan

I can't thank Paul enough for the time, knowledge and personal growth I have attained working alongside Paul. I learnt a lot not only about the business I was formerly involved in, I also learnt a great deal about myself. I learnt more from working with Paul than I ever learnt from my degree at Uni and that is saying something. If there's anyone you want to work with, it's Paul McFadden, he will surely take you under his wing and help you soar! The greatest mentor and friend I know.

Iqra Farooq

Paul has worked incredibly hard to develop an astonishing level of knowledge in the property investment industry. Paul very kindly gave his time and insight into my investment journey & along with Billy Farrell and the many valuable resources they produce, I have become a full time property investor. I highly recommend Paul McFadden to anyone interested in creating Financial Freedom.

Lewis Slade

Paul helped me kick start my property portfolio in Scotland. Paul helped me source below market value property and put me in touch with his power team so that the whole transaction of purchasing a property went through quickly and smoothly. He even helped find funding sources and JV partners so that I didn't even have to use my own money for the purchase. As a result I have been able to substantially grow my property portfolio and reap the rewards of a healthy passive income.

Neil Anglim

Paul is a highly motivated business man and a great resource to refer to. I've always found Paul very approachable and knowledgeable in business matters.

Andrew Fenner

I first came a across Paul when he spoke at a number of property networking meetings, my experience of knowing him going back a handful of years. He has an awful lot of experience in the property world for one so relatively young and his results are what led to the invitations for him to speak in the first place.

Kevin Jeeps

Paul has helped me massively with my mindset and my ability to achieve goals. My introduction to property has been within a mentorship of Pauls; and it has been delight to be around. Paul has a wonderful way around clients and a very professional approach to business in all forms.

James Smith

Paul is an inspirational property trainer, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. His commitment to helping investors become financially free is second to none. I have enjoyed working with Paul on my property journey and would recommend him if you want clear strategy and successful financial results.

Shirley-Ann O'Neill

In a short space of time of knowing Paul, from listening to him on ‘this week in property' podcast to only a few weeks later meeting him and becoming a mentee on the PROPERTY PROTEGE Programme, my life ambitions have changed dramatically! His support, knowledge and willingness to want us to achieve OUR property goals has driven me in direction I never thought possible! Thank you Paul.

Kirsty Todd

Paul McFadden is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in property investment. I am currently enrolled on the 12 month property protege mentoring program and am thoroughly enjoying it. Paul is an exceptional public speaker and is highly motivating individual. He has positive energy that encourages you to drive forward and set new goals. I highly recommend the program to anyone that has the willingness to become successful.

Ruth Jardine

An outstanding mentor who goes above and beyond to help others succeed. It's great to know someone who is willing to give and share so much of their own knowledge and experience to help others succeed in reaching their goals. someone I'm happy to have in my corner who is pushing me to achieve more!! He has change my outlook and perception of what is achievable in not only business but also personal growth. Thanks Paul.

Sean McIntyre

Paul is an expert in his field, he is professional and passionate about helping others succeed. He is definitely someone that you want to do business with.

Alistair Simpson

Paul McFadden is a driven entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of the property industry for a number of years. Paul has a track record of unparalleled success and has helped me become a full time property investor within 12 weeks of my first meeting with him. If you are involved in property or like me are returning to the property industry after a number of years the 12 month Property Protege mentoring programme is a must for ALL INVESTORS.

Raymond Logan

His knowledge and connections within the worlds of property, business, self development, and training are highly impressive. From working with high level mentors like Dan Pena, to providing educational content for school children, Paul can mix and provide and serve across multiple levels of business, society and community. I look forward to assisting and working with Paul for many years to come.

Richard Swan

Paul is so real, relevant and up to date in today's business world. Paul is currently my mentor in property protégé and has really opened my mind and showed me how I can make serious income from property. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get in to property or take there property career to the next level to get in touch with Paul. onwards and upwards !!!

Barry Douglas

Paul has been a great mentor to myself on various projects and is an expert in the property industry and is an inspirational entrepreneur. Paul is always looking to better himself and share those experiences with others to help with any aspect of people lives. A great mentor and friend.

Barry Turnbull

Paul is an amazing business man and currently my mentor in Property. He has been instrumental in helping me to gain confidence and experience when looking for and negotiating deals. I 100% recommend working with him and tapping into his knowledge and experience!

Elizabeth Rubinas

After spending a weekend with Paul and the team I would highly recommend anyone who has the oppertunity to spend time with him, does so. He is inspiring, motivational and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of business, particularly property. Excited about working will Paul in the future as I know if Paul is involved it will be a success.

Ross Henderson

Paul offers a wealth of knowledge and experience from within todays property market bringing professionalism and insights in abundance. He offers a supportive character and willingness to share experiences/knowledge/contacts gained over the years. With his professional aptitude and wider business knowledge I would strongly recommend working with Paul.

Bruce Bowyer

Paul is a very helpful and knowledgable property expert. As a student of his, can highly recommend his property education program.

Blair Boyd

Paul is a driven entrepreneur with a phenomenal vision. Having known Paul since childhood and having worked alongside him in more than 10 companies, I can say with confidence that he is a credible businessman with all of the traits that a client, partner, employee, or anyone doing business with him, would want.

Billy Farrell

Paul is a very Highly skilled and Successful Entrepreneur who understands how to create serious wealth not only for his own Family but for many other people . He understands the adage “help enough people to pay their bills and your bills are taken care off” Paul is very much a people person and through his Common sense approach and Due Diligence ,strong work ethic and Integrity is someone I am proud to be in business with .

Richard Philp



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Paul McFadden Wealth represent the absolute top level in training and support for new and experienced UK property investors & traders. Your success is our success. Whatever the goal, we can help you.

© 2018 Paul McFadden Wealth Ltd.

Paul McFadden Wealth represent the absolute top level in training and support for new and experienced UK property investors & traders. Your success is our success. Whatever the goal, we can help you.

© 2018 Paul McFadden Wealth Ltd.